IN Beauty led by industry veteran, Tracy Aschenbrenner launched her company after 30 years’ experience as National Director of sales across multiple brands and a steady early career at Nordstrom from sales to the buying office. “My mission is to support and shape each brand I touch into a US success story. It’s important brands thrive on an executive level to help them succeed in this highly competitive environment.”

We freely admit it…we’re mildly obsessed with discovering and coaching amazing beauty brands to new levels of success.

After years of working side by side as executives for leading beauty brands, these two beauty brains bring more than a sales sparkle to their brands.  “When a brand is starting out, distribution is often the first goal.  However, today’s retail partners expect to see a polished brand including social presence, product pipeline as well as the brand story and image,” explains Aschenbrenner.  “We don’t just open doors. As a team, we work together to help our brands get prepared to launch and make the right moves for success once we have the very first partner.”

Childress explains, “We have worked with a wide range of brands and products across multiple sales channels.  We are able to use our combined expertise to mentor and guide emerging brands every step of the way.  This means we can help our brands wherever they need it most – whether it’s coming up with new ideas for products, merchandising or building out their trade show booth. By joining forces, Tracy & Kayla can help brands achieve more than ever before.”

Since we have been doing this since we could tie our shoes we want you to know we have the vision, dedication, resources, and savvy to get you there.​The best part? You get to exhale and enjoy the ride. ​After all, it’s our obsession! We’ve got you!

~Tracy & Kayla